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In Caesar's Grip, by: Peter Kershaw

In Caesar's Grip by Peter KershawThis 160 page book is the most in-depth exposè that has ever been written on the legal and theological pitfalls and perils of church incorporation and the IRS 501c3 tax-exempt status. Includes valuable historic information regarding the origins of the corporation and why the early church was accused of civil disobedience for refusing to incorporate.

Also includes the historic influence of the "nonconformist" clergy (branded the "Black Regiment" by King George), without whom it is inconceivable that America would have ever declared independency.

Chapter Titles:

  1. The First Amendment and Freedom Of Religion
  2. The Bloody Trail Our Fathers Trod To Religious Freedom
  3. Dear Mr. Caesar, I'd like to be a Christian (can I have a license please?)
  4. Christianity, Inc.
  5. 501c3 Religion
  6. Where Do We Go From Here?
In Caesar's Grip
by Peter Kershaw (160 pages)
$20.00 each

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State-Church or Free-Church?

State-Church or Free-ChurchMuch confusion exists today over “separation of church and state.” There seems to be no shortage of debate over the original intent of America’s Founding Fathers, and their views on how far religious influence may extend in matters of “public policy.” One issue, however, appears to be well settled, and is agreed on by everyone; America’s Founding Fathers never intended there to be a State-Church system.

Throughout most of our history there were no State- Churches. Churches in America were commonly known as “free-churches.” Yet today, State-Churches have become the norm. Most church members now attend a State-Church without even recognizing it. This television interview exposes how churches came to be subordinated to the State, and what can be done to free them from State subordination.

State-Church Or Free-Church?

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The Unlicensed Clergy: America's True Founding Fathers

The Unlicensed Clergy, America's True Founding FathersBranded as “non-conformists” by King George III and the British Parliament, many Colonial American clergymen refused to be licensed by the Crown to preach and publish. They resisted all attempts to limit their freedom to speak to the vital issues of their day.

These Patriot clergymen played an indispensable role in calling for America’s independence. Had it not been for their influence and leadership it’s doubtful a Declaration Of Independence could have ever come about.

Once Independency was declared, many of these “non-conformist” clergymen raised companies of men, often from within their own churches, leading them into battle, and earning them the title by King George, “The Black Regiment” (for the black robes they wore).

The Unlicensed Clergy; America's True Founding Fathers

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WWJ, Inc. & The 501c3 Church

WWj Inc & The 501c3 ChurchMost churches in America today are organized as “non-profit tax-exempt religious corporations.” Have churches always operated as incorporated 501c3 organizations? No, this is a relatively recent trend that began in the 1950s. Prior to that churches operated as churches, and they were much better off, in every respect. In this presentation you'll discover why:

  • An incorporated church is a “creature of the State” and declares the State is its “Sovereign.”
  • Incorporation does not protect a church from being sued, but only ensures that it can be sued.
  • A church is non-taxable and, therefore, does not need to become 501c3 to avoid paying taxes.
  • A church is automatically qualified to receive tax-deductible contributions without ever applying for 501c3 status.
  • 501c3 churches have limited freedom of speech and are restricted in speaking out on vital moral issues of the day.
WWJ, Inc. & The 501c3 Church?

add WWJ, Inc. (what would Jesus Incorporate?) & the 501c3 Church

The National Unlicensed Church Conference

National Unlicensed Church Conference videosProfessionally produced video DVDs from the National Unlicensed Church Conference featuring Peter Kershaw and other guest speakers. Each video includes one (or more) session from the conference, which are broken up into specific topics.

The information is indispensable for churches and ministries who wish to terminate their corporate 501c3 status and/or who wish to organize and operate as a free-church or free-ministry. A conference syllabus is also included on data CD (Adobe Acrobat required).

The following videos make up the full package (please note that, with only the exception of DVDs 1 and 2, individual videos from this set are not available individually):

DVD #1
The Unlicensed Clergy: America's True Founding Fathers
DVD #2
Session 1 - WWJ, Inc. (what would Jesus incorporate?)
Session 2 - The 501c3 Church
Session 3 - Christ or Caesar? (the Erastians)
DVD #3
Unlicensing the State-Church and Organizing a Free-Church: An Overview
DVD #4
Dissolution of a State-Church
DVD #5
Q & A Day 1 (e.g. "What went wrong at Indianapolis Baptist Temple?", etc.)
DVD #6
The Free-Church & Taxes: Non-Taxable vs. Tax-Exempt
DVD #7
Jurisdiction: Various Ways Government Agencies Attempt To Assert Jurisdiction and Language To Avoid
DVD #8
The Free-Church & Assets
DVD #9
Organizational Documents: Methods For Avoiding Litigation
DVD #10
Q & A Session 2 (e.g. "Is a corporation sole a prudent way to organize?", etc.)
DVD #11
Session 1 - The State Marriage License: Is It Biblical?
Session 2 - Social Security: Contrary To God's Way
CD #1
Conference Syllabus on data CD (Adobe Acrobat required)
Unlicensed Church Conference
11 video DVDs and the Conference Syllabus on 1 data CD (Adobe Acrobat required).

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The State-Church: Incorporation & 501c3

A one-hour radio interview of Peter Kershaw with Congressman George Hansen (U.S. Congress, ret.) in which Congressman Hansen asks a number of important questions regarding the incorporated 501c3 status of the majority of churches today. As a true statesman, Congressman Hansen knows from firsthand experience the chilling effect the 501c3 has had on the church in America.

The State Church: Incorporation & 501c3
Audio CD

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Tort & Religion: Report on ABA Seminars, by Shelby Sharpe

This written report provides solid evidence that incorporation provides no real "protection" to the church. Attorney Shelby Sharpe gives his analysis of two ABA seminars he attended in which the attorney profession is actively encouraged to file lawsuits against "religious organizations." Special mention is made of how to "pierce the corporate veil" of incorporated churches. Mr. Sharpe's conclusion is that "the ABA is no ally of Christianity, but a sinister foe."

Tort & Religion: Report on ABA Seminars

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The Pulpit of the American Revolution, by John Wingate Thornton

Chaplains and Clergy of the RevolutionThe Pulpit of the American Revolution is one of the most commonly quoted historical works by Christian historians (e.g. David Barton, Marshal Foster, etc.), and for good reason. Thornton's work is indispensable in showing the invaluable influence of the Colonial clergy in bringing about a free and independent Christian America:

"To the Pulpit, the PURITAN PULPIT, we owe the moral force which won our independence."

Yet, Thornton's treasured work, originally published in 1860, has also been, in recent years, a very difficult volume to obtain, often costing hundreds of dollars on the antiquarian book market. We now have a limited supply of these reprinted hardbound books. Included are sermons (and even a few election sermons) from Jonathan Mayhew, Samuel West, Charles Chauncey, Samuel Cooke, Phillips Payson, Samuel Landgon, Ezra Stiles, and other luminaries.

The Pulpit of the American Revolution
by John Wingate Thornton
Rare hardbound book
Unavailable at this time. Please check back.

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The Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution, by J.T. Headley

Chaplains and Clergy of the RevolutionTwo-hundred years ago the ministers of the gospel in the American Colonies prepared the People for the struggle for independence. It was their vigorous preaching and active participation in the war itself that gave the religious sanction and inspiration for the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Had it not been for the patriot clergy, it is doubtful that America would have ever demanded independency.

In 1864, before the Centennial, J.T. Headley wrote the history which should provide a blessed resurgence of Christian doctrine and faith. What our people believed and did two-hundred years ago, they did to attain a free and Christian Republic, and because God is the Author of liberty.

Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution
by J.T. Headley

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Political Sermons of the Founding Era (1730-1805)
Ellis Sandoz (editor)

Political Sermons of the Founding EraThe single greatest societal influence in colonial America were its preachers. Had it not been for the clergy there never would have been a Declaration Of Independence. Election Sermons, Artillery Sermons and Anniversary Sermons were the order of the day. Preachers spoke to the vital issues of the day with a courage that earned them the admiration and respect of the people. In this two-volume hardback set you will read some of the greatest sermons of all time preached by some of America's greatest and most influential preachers:

George Whitfield, Jonathan Edwards, John Witherspoon, Timothy Dwight, Isaac Backus, Charles Chauncy, Samuel Davies, Jonathan Mayhew, Noah Webster, and many more.

These two hardback volumes belong in every patriotic preacher's library.

Political Sermons of the Founding Era (1730-1805)
2 hardbound volumes

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Citizen Rulebook: Constitution, Bill Of Rights & Juror's Handbook

Citizen Rulebook pocket constitutionA great little pocket Constitution. Also includes the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and a Handbook for Jurors. Each of our public servants takes an Oath Of Office and swears "to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, both foreign and domestic." Yet by their very conduct, a great many of those same public servants make themselves an enemy of the constitution. Most of them have never even read the Constitution. Just how can they defend something they're largely ignorant of? Do you know your Constitution? "Those who are ignorant of their rights don't have any." Get one of these for yourself, and while you're at it get a few extra to pass out.

Citizen Rulebook

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Many thousands of churches and ministries are completely unaware of this ministry and the vital message we bring. We need to do a more effective job of reaching them, but there is no way we can accomplish more than we are right now without the finances to expand this ministry. The modest amount we received from the books and videos will never accomplish that. If you'd like to support this effort, above and beyond merely ordering the materials, please prayerfully consider making a gift or contribution. It will be put to good use.

Hushmoney by Peter KershawSpecial Need:
Of special need are additional funds for the reprinting of the book Hushmoney, which has been out of print for several years. Hushmoney is a condensed version of In Caesar Grip, containing chapters 4 and 5 of that book. It's a very useful book, and a quick read, to get into the hands of busy pastors.

Hushmoney was so popular that the original print run was quickly exhausted. Requests come in on a regular basis, "When will Hushmoney be available again?", to which I can only respond, "When the funds are available to do so." If you'd like to help financially with the reprinting of Hushmoney, there are many people who will be very grateful. Email if you'd like to help.

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