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Statement Of Purpose:
Heal Our Land Ministries empowers churches by teaching them how to lawfully organize free of civil government subservience, so that the church may once again have the freedom to speak to the vital moral issues of the day, practice real freedom of religion, and thereby recapture the significant place of influence the church once held in society.


This site is dedicated to the restoration of the crown rights of King Jesus, as the sole and exclusive Sovereign Head of the church.

About Heal Our Land Ministries

Heal Our Land Ministries provides various tools and resources to educate church and ministry leaders in how they may unlicense their incorporated 501c3 churches and ministries, and how to properly organize and operate as a free-church or free-ministry.

Heal Our Land Ministries informs church and ministry leaders about the perils and pitfalls of organizing and operating churches and ministries as "non-profit tax-exempt religious organizations." All such "entities" are subordinate and beholden to the State.

At law all corporations are "creatures of the State." Moreover, at law "the State is sovereign over its creatures." It is contrary to the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to convert His church into a "creature of civil government." The Lord Jesus Christ must be sovereign head over His church, but this is a legal and theological impossibility when a church incorporates.

Furthermore, no 501c3 church is truly free because all 501c3 "religious organizations" are regulated and controlled in what they may say and do by the terms and conditions they have covenanted with the IRS.

See the Mission Plan for further details.

Heal Our Land Ministries Contact Information:

Heal Our Land Ministries
1325 W. Sunshine St., Suite 132
Springfield, Missouri 65807

no501c3 (at) gmail (dot) com

(DO NOT include any Heal Our Land Ministries email address as part of any email list without first obtaining permission. Your use of any of this Ministry's email addresses constitutes your understanding and agreement that they will only be used for personal and direct communication with this ministry.)

Do You Have Questions? 

The very nature of this ministry may prompt you to have a few questions. If you do have questions, that's a good thing because it means we've got you thinking.

We very much want to promptly address your questions, and we'll explain here the best way to ensure that happens.

This ministry is now in its twentieth year of operation. So it's unlikely that you'd have a question that someone else hasn't already asked, and that we hadn't already answered, a long time ago. The issue is not "Can we answer your question?", but "How will we answer your question?" Our concern is not if we have an answer (more than likely we do), but rather the logistics of getting you your answer.

How do we efficiently answer all those questions in a way that we don't have to keep repeating ourselves? We're doing so by taking advantage of those technologies that facilitate the efficient use of everyone's time (like this web site). In this way, we can answer a question once, and anyone who later comes here with the same question will immediately have their answer. This saves us all a lot of time, and as busy as we are, we believe that saving time is not only a good idea, it's good stewardship.

No, you won't get that personalized touch from a live person on the other end of the phone, or even just a personal response to your email. As much as we'd like to be able to personally talk to everyone one-on-one, our limited resources just don't afford us the opportunity. But if you take a few minutes to review this web site, odds are very good that you will find the answer to your question (or at least you'll know what to order to get your question fully addressed).

"How-To" Questions:

We are frequently asked a select and rather limited number of "how-to" questions. Most all the "how-to" questions revolve around how to unlicense a church or ministry and organize and operate as a free-church or free-ministry. These include:

  • How do we unlicense our church (or ministry)?
  • How do we get rid of the 501c3?
  • How do we get rid of the EIN?
  • How do we organize a free-church?
  • What kind of organizational documents should we have (if any)?
  • Are contributions to our free-church tax-deductible?
  • How do we hold title to real estate and other assets?
  • etc.

While there aren't a significant number of issues one needs to know in order to successfully unlicense an incorporated 501c3 church and operate as a free-church, it does take a fair amount of time to answer such questions competently and thoroughly. Therefore, it would not only be unreasonable (and certainly inefficient), it would be utterly impossible for us to answer such questions via phone, email, or letter of everyone who has them -- there just aren't enough hours in the day. There is, however, a good solution.

We've made an enormous effort to address all those "how-to's" at our National Unlicensed Church Conference. Since not everyone can attend that conference, we've had it professionally videotaped and make it available here. Every church or ministry that wants to unlicense and/or organize and operate as a free-church or free-ministry, needs the conference videos and should get them.

If you ask us a question that is already answered in the conference videos, don't be surprised if we respond, "The answer to your question is contained in DVD ___ of the conference videos."

Every now and then there will be someone who simply won't accept that kind of response. They'd rather we repeat, just for them, the content of DVD ___ (which took 50 minutes to present at the conference) so that they don't have to get the conference videos. Needless to say, that would be an extraordinarily inefficient use of our time and resources, and we just can't afford to do it.

Phone Consultations:

We realize that what some people want, or may insist upon (and may sometimes even legitimately need) is personal one-on-one communication with us. If you require counsel for a special or unusual issue which is not addressed in our materials, or which may be an urgent matter that needs to be addressed prior to your being able to review our materials, you may schedule a phone consultation with us.

Gifts, Offerings, Ongoing Financial Support:

There are many thousands of churches and ministries which are completely unaware of this ministry and the vital message we are proclaiming. We need to do a more effective job of reaching them, but there is no way we can do so unless we can substantially expand this ministry. That expansion will require far more funding than the modest amount we receive from our books and tapes. If you believe in what we're doing, we ask that you prayerfully consider financially supporting this ministry by designating a gift or offering.

Our Mission Plan is available for download (pdf / Acrobat), for those who want to have some more detailed information about this ministry, prior to making a financial commitment.

Order Inquiries:

Although it's already mentioned on the Catalog page, as well as on the order forms in our books, it probably bears repeating here. Typical delivery time is 1-3 weeks after placing your order.

Some people who order the materials will think it helpful to make an inquiry within a day, or a week. In some cases, the person is so impatient that they don't even allow adequate time for the postal service to deliver their letter in the mail before they make their order inquiry. Such inquiries don't speed the order process.

"Typical delivery" is also no guarantee. It might take longer than 1-3 weeks. This is a small ministry (not a "business"). Resources are limited.


Some people don't have internet access (hard to imagine, isn't it?), but they need to know about this ministry. The best way for them to find out is if you tell them about us. Once you do so, we can mail them a brochure upon your request (include name, address, and name of church/ministry, if applicable). Please let them know to expect it or they may treat it as junk mail and throw it out. This is especially important when we mail a brochure to a pastor. If the pastor has a secretary, the pastor's secretary is the gatekeeper by which nothing will get past, unless the pastor has first authorized it with her.

Conferences, Speaking Engagements and Bio:

One of our goals is to do a much more effective job of reaching the many thousands of churches that are completely unaware of the vital message that we bring. For that we really need your help, and one of the most helpful things you could do is to sponsor and organize a free-church conference in your locale. If you'd be interested in hosting a conference, please review the Let My People Go itinerary for helpful information.

Mr. Kershaw is available for conferences, public speaking engagements, and preaching. Our usual policy is that you cover all travel expenses (flight, ground transportation, hotel, meals) and an honorarium. A bio is available for download. Contact no501c3 (at) gmail (dot) com to make arrangements. Please try to book Mr. Kershaw at least 30 days in advance of your event.

Interviews and Articles:

Mr. Kershaw is available for radio, television, newspaper and magazine interviews, and to write articles for periodicals.  If you are in a position to arrange any of these, or would like to assist us, please contact us at no501c3 (at) gmail (dot) com

Linking To This Web Site and Banners:

We're always grateful to those who link to this ministry from their own web sites. Many folks have already done so, and we appreciate their efforts in helping us get the word out. In most cases you don't need to seek prior permission in order to link to any page on this ministry's web site. Just go ahead and do it. As a courtesy, please send us an email at no501c3 (at) gmail (dot) com with a link directing us to the page(s) on your web site where our link(s) appears.

Banners and html code for linking to us are available at Link Instructions.

Use Of This Ministry's Email Addresses: 

DO NOT include any Heal Our Land Ministries email address as part of any email list without first obtaining permission.

no501c3 (at) gmail(dot) com is exclusively for the purpose of supporting churches and ministries who wish to organize as free-churches and free-ministries. It's challenging enough as it is to give that support without having the inbox overwhelmed with unsolicited emails. How does that happen? For the most part it's not by ill intentions. It starts with a well-meaning person sending an unsolicited email, usually as part of their email list. Many such emails may even contain significant and important news items. However, in most cases, such emails have little to nothing directly to do with this ministry.

Most troubling of all, most senders of such emails post their emails to multiple parties at once, as "lists", so that this ministry's email address is shown in their email list. Anyone else receiving that email can see it, as well. One or more of their contacts then adds this ministry's email address to their own email list and... you get the idea. It just snowballs from there. In no time I am overwhelmed with unsolicited emails, and added to email lists of people that have no real interest in this ministry. This is a great annoyance, and it robs me of the valuable time I need to support churches and ministries. There simply aren't enough hours in the day for it.


Neither Heal Our Land Ministries, or its Overseer, Peter Kershaw, engages in the so-called “practice of law.” Only licensed attorneys are authorized by the powers that be to “practice” law. God is the author of Law, and our use of it is strictly based upon the exercise of our sincerely-held religious beliefs. To be derelict in our use of His Laws would be to apostatize our faith. Furthermore, it is our religious duty to instruct the church in how the governments of man have, very much like the Pharisees, circumvented, repudiated and trampled upon God's Law with their man-made statutes, regulations and ordinances.

Jesus Christ has decreed that we, “Teach them to obey everything I have commanded you.” (Matthew 28:20). Our role is strictly religious and educational in nature; to train and equip you to, as much as is practicable, be able to perform any necessary legal functions of your church or ministry on your own, without the representation of an attorney. Under no circumstances will we attempt to, nor will we accept a position, whereby we represent (“attorn”) you.

However, should you at any time require the “assistance of Counsel,” which you are guaranteed the right of under Article 6 of the Bill of Rights, you may make arrangements for a phone consultation.

No express or implied warranties as to the suitability of any of our materials for your specific needs and requirements. are offered or given The information is both of a general and a specific nature, and the intent is to provide a foundation of study upon which to build your knowledge of law, theology, history, and other vital subjects. Nothing expressed herein, or in any of the materials or services we offer here or elsewhere, is to be construed as “legal advice or recommendation.”



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