Peter Kershaw can be scheduled for seminars and conferences, to speak for church and ministry groups, patriotic organizations, civic groups, and other events.

Mr. Kershaw also has a full-day conference called the "Unlicensed Church Conference." The purpose of the UCC is to expose the legal and theological problems with corporate 501c3 church status, and provide practical solutions for unlicensing your church, organizing as a freechurch, and operating as a freechurch (the same principles apply to Christian ministries). Session topics include:

  • The Unlicensed Clergy: America's True Founding Fathers
  • WWJ, Inc. (what would Jesus incorporate?)
  • The 501c3 Church
  • Unlicensing the State-Church: An Overview
  • State-Church Dissolution & Organizing a Free-Church
  • The Free-Church & Taxes: Non-Taxable vs. Tax-Exempt
  • Jurisdiction: Various Ways Government Agencies Attempt To Assert Jurisdiction and Language To Avoid
  • The Free-Church & Assets: Holding and Protecting Church Assets
  • Organizational Documents: Methods For Avoiding Litigation
  • The State Marriage License: Is It Biblical?
  • Question and Answer Session

The UCC can be presented to a single church or ministry, or a church or ministry can host the event at their facility and help promote it in their city or region.

To read an independent review of the UCC go to Servants News.

Mr. Kershaw's bio is available at Curriculum Vitae.

For more information, or to arrange for Mr. Kershaw to speak at your event, email your request to no501c3 (at) gmail (dot) com


How do I arrange for Mr. Kershaw to come and speak to my group?

When will there be an event in my area?


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