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The CREC Pastoral Commission Report on Saint Peter Presbyterian Church and its Deposed Session

© 2006 by: Peter Kershaw

The opinions expressed herein are strictly those of Peter Kershaw and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Heal Our Land Ministries

 The documents shown below are in Word and Adobe Acrobat file formats.

On May 15, 2006 the CREC Pastoral Commission on Saint Peter Presbyterian Church finalized its Report.


Review of: CREC Commission Report

Around the same time the CREC Commission ostensibly mailed out its report to ten Reformed Elders, none of whom are members of the CREC, requesting that they sign off on the report by agreeing with the statement:

"Having read the CREC Commission Report to SPPC, I hereby offer my support for their report as an example of sound pastoral counsel. . ."


Review of: CREC Letter to Reformed Men

Prior to sending out the above document to the ten Reformed men, the CREC Commission attempted to obtain for the document the signatures of the Presbyters/Elders of Westminster Presbytery (RPCGA) who had voted unanimously to depose R.C. Sproul Jr, Laurence Windham, Wayne Hays and Jay Barfield from the ministry. Westminster Presbytery (RPCGA) had no interest in signing off on the CREC's report as they took exception with a number of issues in the report, as well as the CREC's letter to the ten Reformed Elders.

It was viewed by the RPCGA as inappropriate to solicit such support. The RPCGA believes that it would have been appropriate were the CREC Commission to wait for a year and then give an evidential report on the former session demonstrating their repentence, and only then to ask the RPCGA to consider a public statement endorsing the actions of the CREC Commission.

The RPCGA has refrained from voicing their objections publicly at this time. If they choose to do so that would be done later when Westminster Presbytery (RPCGA) publishes their Final History Report (however, it's entirely possible the Final Report will never be publicly released). The RPCGA instead responded with their own letter seeking to be gracious towards the CREC's Pastoral Commission, to which they attached the two documents referenced above:


The CREC Commission gave a cover letter of it's Pastoral Commission Report to the Saint Peter Presbyterian Church members, entitled "Preface to the CREC Pastoral Commission Report."


Review of:_CREC Preface_to Commission Report

In its Report the CREC Commission stated: "It is our recommendation that the members of SPPC affirm by vote a Constitution provided to them by the session pro tempore." Copies of the "Constitution" were provided to the members of St. Peter Presbyterian Church.


Those who have any experience at all with church constitutions will immediately perceive that this eight-page fast and loose document hardly qualifies as a constitution at all. Yet, the CREC's proposed "constitution" to St. Peter is entirely consistent with the top-down autocratic governance, and lack of any genuine accountability, commonplace in the CREC, masquerading as "Presbyterianism."

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